"CLT Eston Block", a newly developed member that Professor Yuji Ishikawa (Building Structural Systems Laboratory) of the Department of Environment Systems, Faculty of Systems Science and Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology has been jointly researching, is a triple design and construction by Takenaka Corporation. It was put into practical use as a CLT Eston block seismic wall (for seismic reinforcement) for the first time in the seismic retrofitting work of the main government building in Owashi City, Prefecture.

 CLT Eston Block is a newly developed member that has been jointly researched by Shibaura Institute of Technology, Takenaka Corporation, Hokkaido Prefectural Research Organization / Forest Products Experiment Station, and Hokkai Gakuen University since 2017.It weighs about 4 kg, about 1/4 of the conventional concrete Eston block.It is expected to improve work efficiency and is excellent in hygiene management of the work environment.

 This time, in the seismic retrofitting work of Owase City Hall, it was applied as a CLT Eston block shear wall, which is one of the series of wood-based seismic retrofitting technologies promoted by Takenaka Corporation.This construction method is a construction method in which a butterfly-shaped CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) is stacked on an existing RC frame with an epoxy resin adhesive, and a wooden seismic wall is constructed on the frame of the column-beam frame to perform seismic reinforcement.It was also developed using the same design principle as the "Eston block method" (developed by Takenaka Corporation in 2014), which stacks butterfly-shaped concrete blocks for seismic retrofitting.It will be a new proposal for the coming SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) realization society using CLT, which is a resource-recycling material.

 Professor Ishikawa, who is advancing research on the final goal of a series of research and development related to CLT Eston Block, said, "CLT Eston Block is a seismic retrofitting method that can be constructed even if there are people inside the building.For example, in a school building that requires seismic retrofitting, as a graduation commemoration, current students will come into contact with wood materials that can be seismically retrofitted to realize local production and local consumption and SDGs, learn SDGs, and learn about important seismic technologies and disaster prevention in earthquake-prone countries. It is also one of the research goals that we would like to realize in the future to realize it as an education to learn from the experience of seismic retrofitting. "

Reference: [Shibaura Institute of Technology] New seismic retrofitting technology aimed at realizing SDGs has been put into practical use.

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