Tokyo University of Social Welfare, in collaboration with Isesaki City, holds a cultural education course for citizens so that the research results of the university can be widely returned to society and become a place for citizens to learn and for lifelong education. There is. The first course in 2016 was held on October 1, 2016 at the Isesaki Campus.

Two courses were held on this day.One is a co-sponsored course with the Isesaki City Board of Education, "Developing Intimacy-Today's Challenges for Child-rearing Support" by Professor Masako Okano of the Junior College Department. We touched on what "parenthood" is, childcare education at school, and various "contact experience learning" initiatives, and considered issues related to childcare support.

 The other is "The Soliloquy of a Maternity Woman-Pregnancy, Childbirth, Breast Milk, Sexually Transmitted Diseases-" sponsored by Tokyo University of Social Welfare.In a lecture by Yoko Sano, a lecturer at the Faculty of Social Welfare, she explained in an easy-to-understand manner the disabilities and risks of pregnancy and childbirth, the mechanism of breast milk, and sexually transmitted diseases, based on her abundant experience of taking up more than 1,000 babies as midwives.Participants listened enthusiastically to interesting stories such as child-rearing experiments using mice.

 In addition, as part of the university's contribution to the community, the university holds a special support education course every year for local experts such as elementary school teachers and welfare facility staff. In fiscal 2016, we plan to hold 2016 courses for 12 days, December 3 and December 12, 10, with the theme of "supporting the development of each individual and maximizing their abilities."Capacity is 2 people.Participation fee is 6 yen per day.To apply, use the application form on the university website.The application deadline is November 140, 1.

reference:[Tokyo University of Social Welfare] Special support education extension course "Supporting the development of each person and maximizing their abilities" will be held in December

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