Since 2011, Showa Women's University has been implementing a system called "Mentor Netoke," in which students can consult with working women with diverse social experiences, called "mentors," about their career plans and lifestyles after graduation. ..From August 2015rd to September 8th, 3, the university is recruiting new mentors for women with more than 9 years of social experience.

 Mentor means a teacher of life, and currently, about 30 working women, mainly in their 40s and 300s, are registered as mentors in the "Mentor Netoke" of the same university.There are a wide range of professions such as trading companies, banks, entertainment, design, NPOs, and mentors with various life experiences such as overseas life and child-rearing experience are also enrolled.About 1% of the registered mentors are graduates of Showa Women's University.

 At the same university, through this adult mentor network, students who have little social experience and have difficulty drawing a future image can directly interact with experienced members and receive advice (= mentoring) from their work experience and life experience. So, my goal is to get a clear vision for the future.This adult mentor netoke is the driving force behind the fact that the university has maintained a high employment rate of # 2011 * in women's colleges for the fifth consecutive year since 5.

 Applications for working mentors are made from the application form on the Showa Women's University website, and are selected by document screening and interviews.We do not accept mail, and the deadline is September 2015, 9 (Saturday).

* From "National 240 University Actual Employment Rate Ranking" (according to university correspondence survey)

Source:[Showa Women's University] Notice of recruitment of adult mentors who support "No. 5 in actual employment rate for women's colleges for 1 consecutive years"

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