Ochanomizu University is planning to introduce a new type of AO entrance examination "New Humboldt Entrance Examination" from 2016.Prior to this, a pre-seminar will be held on August 2015th and 8th, 24, which is the first selection for the new Humboldt entrance examination.

 The "New Humboldt Entrance Examination" is a two-step entrance examination method consisting of a pre-seminar that also serves as the first selection and a second selection that takes several days. It is an entrance examination that asks.In the pre-seminar, the assignments and other documents to be submitted will be evaluated and the first selection will be made. In the second selection, the liberal arts will carefully elaborate their dissertation while using literature and materials in the library, and the sciences will conduct experiments and analyze data, and make presentations on research projects.The results and processes of the dissertation and research presentation are evaluated, and the aim is to carefully assess the potential and potential of the examinees, which cannot be measured by conventional paper tests.

 At the pre-seminar, which will be held over two days, various seminars will be held from the specialized research fields of the same university in the humanities and sciences.On the first day of the liberal arts field, we will take up "gap" as a common theme and give lectures, exercises, and group work. On the second day, we will take an information retrieval exercise at the library, which is also the second selection for the new Humboldt entrance exam, and create a report with the support of current students.

 At Doshisha University, we would like to open up the pre-seminar students not only to those who are taking the AO entrance exam, but also to a wide range of second-year high school students and high school teachers so that they can experience the school spirit.This pre-seminar will be held separately from the entrance exam, so you can take the new entrance exam in 2 without taking it.

Source:[Ochanomizu University] 2015 New Humboldt Entrance Examination Preseminar Recruitment of additional students (application deadline 8/10, 17:00)

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