The Japan Private University Association will implement the scoring system for the academic ability evaluation test (tentative name) for university admissions, which is scheduled to be introduced in 2020, in January, and the center will process the data and each university will score it. We compiled a written opinion against this and submitted it to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

 According to the opinion, the private university federation fully understands that descriptive questions will be introduced in the academic ability evaluation test for university admissions, but the time when the university grades the descriptive questions is the individual entrance examination. He opposed that it would be physically difficult because it overlapped with the preparation and the scoring of the late regular examination.

 Furthermore, if each university scores, there may be differences in evaluation between universities and faculties, and there is a risk that it will not be possible to respond appropriately to those who take the exam at another university or another faculty of the same university. ..

 As a result, even though the new test is a common test based on the purpose of the course of study, I was most concerned that it would cause confusion for the examinees by impairing its basic functions.

 Currently, about 90% of private universities voluntarily use the National Center Test for University Admissions to conduct their own individual entrance exams.However, if the scoring system by the university is adopted, most private universities will not be able to use the new test, and they are urged to introduce the new test in a form that is easy for private universities to use.

reference:[Japan Private University Association] Opinions on the status of consideration of the "University Admission Applicant Academic Ability Evaluation Test (tentative name)"

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