Ritsumeikan University has put together a plan to establish a "Graduate School of Teaching Profession (Graduate School for Teacher Education) Practical Education Major <tentative name>" and is preparing to open it on the Suzaku Campus in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City from April 2017.

 At the same university, in the bachelor's program, we have set up an open system teaching profession course * that allows you to obtain a teacher's license even if you are not a teacher training faculty, and about 600 teacher license holders and about 300 teacher employment exams pass each year. We are producing people (including those who have already graduated).At the university, which boasts one of the largest scales and achievements in teaching profession education in Japan, the career development of those who have taken the teaching profession course and seek to improve the quality as more practical teachers in consideration of social trends such as the graduate level of teacher training. We are aiming to establish a teaching profession graduate school for the first time in a private school in western Japan from the viewpoint of ensuring the conditions for admission.

 The graduate school of teaching profession (tentative name), which is scheduled to be established, has three courses, "clinical education", "education method / learning science", and "international education". To cultivate the qualities as.In addition, we plan to promote the training of teachers, which is unique as a private school, by making use of the practices of public schools and affiliated schools to make the two places of learning, the field of education and the graduate school.The enrollment capacity is expected to be about 3 (accommodation capacity is about 35), and we plan to apply to the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in March 70.

* The open teaching profession course is a system that allows you to obtain a teacher's license by taking additional teaching profession courses and earning the prescribed credits, even outside the faculties whose main purpose is to train teachers, such as the Faculty of Education.

Source:[Ritsumeikan University] About the concept of establishing the Graduate School for Teacher Education (Professional School for Teacher Education) <tentative name>

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