Keio University has launched the "Study on the Impact of Longevity and Aging on Economic and Financial Behavior (Financial Gerontology)" project.Through joint research with Nomura Holdings, Inc., we will broadly understand the issues related to the assets of the elderly and seek ways to solve them.

 With the rapid declining birthrate and aging population and longevity, the formation and management of personal financial assets is considered to be an important issue for affluent old age.It is also necessary to understand the changes in physical ability and cognitive ability due to aging and aging, and utilize them for asset management.

 Keio University established the Financial Gerontology Research Center of the Institute of Economic Research in June 2016 as a basis for conducting wide-ranging research and proposals on this issue.This industry-academia collaboration project is not limited to theoretical research, but we plan to widely return the results to society through practical work.In addition, Nomura Holdings will conduct research and research on how to manage and manage personal financial assets in an environment of declining birthrate, aging population, and longevity, and how to make proposals as a financial institution.

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