Hosei University announced in September 2016 that it will open a new English degree program in the Faculty of Business Administration and the Faculty of Human Environment, where all classes will be conducted in English.The university was adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's 9 Super Global University Project * for the purpose of developing human resources who can play an active role internationally, and an English bachelor's degree program will be held as part of this project.

 Newly established are the Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration (GBP) and the Faculty of Human Environment, Sustainable Social Co-creation Program (SCOPE). GBP will learn not only global standard business administration but also "Japanese management and manufacturing" that can only be learned in Japan through classes that consist of subjects that allow you to experience the global business of Japanese companies.The recruitment number is 10, and it is intended for international students who are interested in Japanese management and Japanese students who want to study business administration in English. At SCOPE, you will work on a "sustainable society" without a fixed answer, and acquire the ability to grasp the reality and the communication ability to create solutions.The recruitment staff is 10 people, and we are recruiting widely from home and abroad regardless of nationality.

 Both entrance exams are self-recommended entrance exams based on document screening, and are judged based on the results of the written reason for aspiration and the English qualification test (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, etc.).The application period is from March 2016th to April 3st, 8, and the announcement of acceptance is scheduled for May 4th, 1.Detailed information will be introduced on the Hosei University website in October 2016.

* Top Global University Project is a business that promotes the establishment of a system for globalizing university education with the aim of overcoming the "inward-looking" of the younger generation and developing human resources who can play an active role on the international stage.

Source:[Hosei University] English degree program opened at the same time in September 2016 Faculty of Business Administration "GBP", Faculty of Human Environment "SCOPE" "

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