Tottori University Hospital, in collaboration with Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Honda), is for external power supply that enables the use of electric power (maximum output 9kW * 1) from fuel cell vehicles (FCV) and electric vehicles (EV). It has been announced that a demonstration experiment using the inverter "Power Exporter CONCEPT 9000" * will be conducted from August 2015.

 FCVs and EVs, which are expected to become widespread in society as next-generation vehicles with excellent environmental and energy performance, have the function of generating and storing electricity in the vehicle itself.By utilizing this function, it is possible not only to use electric power as driving energy, but also to supply electric power to the outside and utilize the vehicle itself as a power source.The electric power generated by the vehicle can be expected to be used in various situations as a "running power source", such as being able to provide it to medical sites and communities in the event of a disaster.

 "Power Exporter CONCEPT 9000 * 2" is an inverter for external power supply created by Honda's power generation technology for voltage and frequency around the world cultivated in the generator business and know-how for various loads. It can supply high quality electricity at the same level as.

 In this demonstration experiment, Honda's electric vehicle "Fit EV" and external power supply inverter "Power Exporter CONCEPT 9000" are used, and an ultrasonic diagnostic device, defibrillator, portable X-ray imaging device, respirator, and enrichment are used. We supply power to various medical devices such as oxygen supply devices and artificial heart systems, and verify the effect on comprehensive medical activities including in the event of a disaster.
* 1 Honda measurement value
※2 Power Exporter CONCEPT 9000は、一般家電向けのAC100V15A×6口で最大9kW、避難所の大型暖房などのAC200Vで6kWとAC100Vで3kWの合計9kWの大電力を使用可能にします。

Source:[Tottori University] Tottori University and Honda announce a demonstration experiment plan for an inverter for external power supply

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