Enrition Co., Ltd. has opened the first "Knowledge Cafe" online store in Japan at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.We will provide online "Meetup", which is the main service of "Knowledge Cafe", where university students can easily interact with companies without opening a physical store.

 "Knowledge Cafe *" used by university students to support career development.It provides opportunities to think about future careers through daily contact with companies, including not only students who are looking for a job but also first and second graders, and holds more than 1 "Meetups" every year.

 With the online job hunting in Corona, students living in rural areas away from urban areas have more opportunities to participate in job interviews and internships, but with daily companies that can participate from the first and second grades. There are still few contacts.Therefore, we realized the "Knowledge Cafe" online store to support students' careers and employment.

The "Knowledge Cafe" online store is a new service that assumes that students can use it in any place they like.In addition to providing college students with daily contact with companies through the daily corporate event "Meetup" for young people, "Carrier coins" that can be exchanged for coffee gifts etc. for Meetup participants "I will provide a.

 For universities, we provide the system and application functions that "Knowledge Cafe" has patented, and support the career and employment support of the university through Meetup where companies and students interact.It takes several months for construction, etc. to develop an ordinary cafe actual store on campus, but in the case of an online store, the preparation period for introduction is about one month, which is a feature that can speedily support students. It will be deployed in the university including.

 In After Corona, we will support students, companies, and universities in the future by providing online stores for universities as well as opening actual stores of "Knowledge Cafe" on campus. To go.

Reference: [Enrition Co., Ltd.] Japan's first "Knowledge Cafe" online store opens at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)

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