Tokiwa University has been working on the "Ibaraki Local Fish Project" since September 2020 in collaboration with the Ibaraki Local Fish Dealer Certification Committee under the theme of "Resolving Youth's Fish Removal".

 Yuko Iimura Seminar, Department of Health and Nutrition, Faculty of Human Sciences, jointly developed two types of products with York-Benimaru Co., Ltd. as part of the "Ibaraki Local Fish Project". From June 2, 2021, it was released at 6 York-Benimaru stores in Ibaraki prefecture (excluding Nakago store and Otsu store).

 The products are "IBRAKI SABA CURRY" and "IBRAKI SABA TOMOTO" (321 yen each including tax) using the landed mackerel off Hitachi Kashima, which boasts the highest catch in Japan.The recipe was devised by seven third and fourth graders who belong to the Iimura Seminar, and it is characterized by being easy to cook by simply warming it.

 A sales start event was held at York Benimaru Mito Motoyoshida store from 6 am on Saturday, June 19th, the first day of sales, and 9 meals were distributed to visitors for subdivision tasting.

 Misaki Konuki and Momoka Shoji, who were in the 4th year of the Department of Health and Nutrition who were involved in the development this time, said, "I had a hard time seasoning so that children and adults could eat it. I am very happy that it was commercialized."

 Assistant Professor Iimura, who instructed, said, "It was a great opportunity for students to be involved in product development from the beginning, such as packaging, product name, and how to eat. I hope we can continue to develop new fish in the future." "It was my first experience to collaborate with a university. The ideas unique to students, such as seasoning and packaging, were highly evaluated within the company," he said.

Reference: [Tokiwa University] Launch of jointly developed products using local fish from Ibaraki

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