The National Personnel Authority has announced the number of successful applicants for the 2015 National Personnel Authority Recruitment Examination, and the University of Tokyo has the highest number of successful applicants, 459.The total number of successful applicants is 655 for the graduate exam and 1,071 for the university graduate exam, and the ratio is 4.7 times for the graduate and 17.4 times for the university graduate.It will be adopted in April 2016 after interviews by each ministry and agency.

According to the National Personnel Authority's summary, the total number of applicants, including graduates and university graduates, was 2, an increase of 1,782 from the previous year.The total number of successful applicants is 735, which is 2014 less than in FY192.The number of people scheduled to be hired is 1,726 graduates and 227 university graduates, for a total of 470, four less than in FY697.Of the successful applicants, 2014 female graduates and 4 university graduates, for a total of 168.The number of university graduates was 227, 395% lower than in FY2014, but the number of graduates was 79, a significant increase of 25.8%.Overall, it is the second highest percentage ever.

A total of 429 people received additional measures in the external English test, 707 in the graduate exam and 1,136 in the university graduate exam.The number of successful applicants by school of origin was 1,212 at national universities, 38 at public universities, 470 at private universities, and 6 at other foreign universities. There were 10 universities that had more than 25 successful applicants.
In 2015, the national civil servant recruitment general employment examination was held in May for the first examination, June for the second examination, and in July for policy issue discussions and personal examinations.

The top 10 schools with the highest number of successful applicants by university are as follows.
1 University of Tokyo 459 2 Kyoto University 151 3 Waseda University 148 4 Keio University 91 5 Tohoku University 66 6 Osaka University 63 7 Chuo University 58 8 Hokkaido University, Hitotsubashi University 54 each 10 Tokyo Institute of Technology 53

Source:[National Personnel Authority] Announcement of successful applicants for the 27 National Personnel Authority Recruitment General Employment Examination

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