Tohoku University's Maruyama Shigenao Giant Group will cooperate with the Suntory Global Innovation Center's research on the mellowness of alcohol, with the cooperation of JAXA.The research will be conducted at the Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo" on the International Space Station.

 Distilled liquor is a liquor with an increased alcohol concentration by distilling alcohol-fermented grains and grapes.It is known that aging these products for a long period of time produces a mellow flavor, but the mechanism has not been elucidated.Professor Enyama et al. Hypothesized that the mellowness of sake is created by the formation of a network of molecules that are the basis of the flavor of sake.So far, we have been conducting joint research with the Institute for Solid State Physics of the University of Tokyo and Suntory to test this hypothesis.As a result, it was possible to show the possibility that molecules form a network and mellowness is created by suppressing convection inside alcohol.Based on this result, we decided to conduct an experiment to ripen sake in outer space without gravity.This is because gravity is involved in the generation of convection.

 In this experiment, we first divide the sample of distilled liquor into one that is launched into space and one that is stored on the ground.By analyzing these with the technology of Professor Enyama et al., We are investigating whether a molecular network is formed in the sample taken to outer space.

 Previously, a study was conducted at the International Space Station in Scotch Whiskey, England.Such research will be useful for future delicious sake brewing.Drinking is prohibited at the International Space Station, so it would be a terrible story if there were astronauts who like alcohol, but we are working on experiments so that we can get more delicious alcohol at a low price.Although the universe is still far from the general public, the research results obtained there will be useful in our lives.

Source:[Tohoku University] Elucidation of the mechanism of mellowness Cooperation in experiments in outer space

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