A survey of more than 1 Chiba residents conducted by students of the Faculty of Community Policy, Shukutoku University found that it is important to connect with family and the community to prevent special fraud such as oleore fraud.People who had access to information in local government public relations magazines and newspapers also tended to discuss special fraud within their families.

 The survey was conducted on the Internet through a research company in November 20, targeting people aged 69 to 2020 living in Chiba prefecture, and valid responses were received from 11 people.After dividing Chiba prefecture into four districts, Chiba city, Tokatsu, Uchibo, and Sotobo, we adjusted it according to the population ratio so that the intentions of the people of Chiba prefecture could be accurately reflected.

 According to the report, when comparing the possibility of being involved in special fraud with the same sex of the same age group, about 70% of the respondents answered "very low" or "low".Compared to about 40% of the respondents who answered that burglary or snatching was "very low" or "low", the result was that they were less aware of the crisis.

 Approximately 80% of people know the tricks of oleore fraud that pretends to be children or grandchildren and asks for money. About 70% knew about fictitious billing through SNS.Analyzing the members and non-members of the neighborhood association, it seems that the subscribers are more familiar with the method of special fraud, and the students have expanded their knowledge through the neighborhood association.

 Regarding whether or not the family had discussed special fraud, it was found that the more people who had more opportunities to access countermeasure information through the media such as newspapers, the more they talked with the family.The students submitted a report to Chiba prefecture, asking them to use it as a countermeasure against fraud.

reference:[Shukutoku University] The Faculty of Community Policy, Shukutoku University conducted a research study on "people's knowledge, awareness, and countermeasures against special fraud" among XNUMX Chiba residents. (PDF)

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