Projection mapping that projects images, computer graphics, etc. on a three-dimensional object such as architecture or furniture, or on an uneven surface with a projector, etc., instead of simply projecting them on a flat surface such as a screen. Many of you may remember the video show "TOKYO STASION VISION" that was held on the screen of the station building as an event to commemorate the completion of the restoration of Tokyo Station in 2012.In fields such as projection mapping, which is becoming more and more demanding at various events, digital signage, user interfaces, and AR (Augmented Reality), there is a need to improve projector technology that projects images onto real-world objects. ..

Conventional projectors are premised on projection onto a stationary object, and although they are excellent in terms of image quality, the frame rate value indicating the number of frames processed per unit time is low (30 fps to 120 fps), and images on a moving object are displayed. Wasn't enough for the projection of.The Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo and Tokyo Electron Device Co., Ltd. (Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, hereinafter TED) are the world's fastest level capable of projecting 8-bit gradation images at a frame rate of up to 1,000 fps. Co-developed the high-speed projector DynaFlash.The released video shows how an image is projected onto a moving object with almost no delay as if it were printed. TED plans to start selling DynaFlash as its own brand inrevium product around the summer of 2016.

At Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory, we are aiming to develop new applications by combining the high-speed vision technology that we have developed so far.For example, by linking with a high-speed camera, it will be possible to dramatically speed up sensing in the order of ms (1000/1 second), which cannot be perceived by the human eye, especially 3D measurement.

Source:[University of Tokyo] DynaFlash: A high-speed projector that projects 1,000-bit gradation images with a delay of 3 fps and 8 ms.

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