Professor Noriko Osumi, Assistant Professor Kaichi Yoshizaki and RIKEN of Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine on November 11th, due to a mutation in Pax18, a factor that regulates gene expression, the aging of the father is the behavior of the offspring. Announced that it has revealed that it will affect.

Developmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder, etc. are increasing, and it is required to elucidate the pathological basis at an early stage and establish a treatment method.Although it has not been fully clarified yet, it is thought that more than 800 genes, such as genes involved in neurogenesis and synaptogenesis, are involved.On the other hand, due to the involvement of environmental factors, for example, when a mother is infected during the perinatal period, or a child born to an elderly or obese father has a high incidence of autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity disorder, etc. Has been reported.Thus, it is assumed that a large number of genes and gene-environment interactions are intricately intertwined in autism spectrum disorders.

Professor Osumi's research team investigated these by in vitro fertilization of Pax3 mutant pups based on sperm obtained from young (12 months old) and old (6 months old) male mice. Comprehensive behavioral analysis was performed using mice.As a result, it was found that Pax6 mutant mice born from young father mice showed abnormalities in mother-to-child separation communication, while Pax6 mutant mice born from older father mice showed a tendency to hyperactivity.As a result, even mice with the same gene mutation show behavioral abnormalities of various expressions depending on the age of the father, that is, the way in which genetic risk is transmitted to the next generation differs depending on the age of the father. It is said that it was shown for the first time.
The results of this research were published in the electronic version of PLOS ONE on November 2016, 11 (November 17, Japan time), Eastern Time.

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