On November 2016, 11, Chuo University and the Aerospace Research and Development Organization (JAXA) conducted a research group consisting of Professor Akiyuki Komatsu of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Chuo University and Kiyoto Kihira of JAXA on the synthesis and structure of artificial blood for dogs. Announced that the analysis was successful.

 There is no blood bank for pets in Japan.Therefore, for severely ill animals that require blood transfusion therapy, veterinarians prepare their own donors to secure blood transfusions.The demand for artificial blood, especially “artificial oxygen carrier as a substitute for red blood cells”, is extremely high in the field of veterinary medicine, which has a serious problem of securing blood transfusion.If a system is established in which artificial blood for pets can be supplied at any time in a veterinary hospital, the blood transfusion procedure will be greatly simplified.Furthermore, if the formulation has excellent storage stability, it will be perfect for emergency response.

 The research group genetically engineered recombinant canine serum albumin and found that its physical characteristics are the same as those of blood-derived canine serum albumin.In addition, the three-dimensional structure of recombinant canine serum albumin was clarified by X-ray crystal structure analysis using JAXA's "high-quality protein crystal production technology (Hyper-Qpro)".Furthermore, we synthesized "Hemoact-C", which has a structure in which bovine hemoglobin is wrapped in recombinant canine serum albumin, and elucidated its structure and oxygen-binding ability.

 Since the surface charge of Hemoact-C is negatively charged, it does not leak from vascular endothelial cells.Therefore, there are no side effects such as increased blood pressure.Also, the half-life in blood is considered to be longer than that of albumin.The raw materials are only hemoglobin, recombinant canine serum albumin, and a commercially available cross-linking agent, and the manufacturing process is as short as 2 steps, so it can be easily synthesized.

 Recombinant canine serum albumin can itself be used as an artificial plasma bulker.In addition to erythrocyte substitutes, Hemoact-C is also expected to be applied as an oxygen supply solution to ischemic sites due to heart failure, cerebral infarction, respiratory failure, etc., a supplement for extracorporeal circulation circuits, and a sensitizer for cancer treatment. There is.The research team is currently developing the same formulation as Kyoritsu Seiyaku for practical use, and is also conducting research for humans.
As an artificial oxygen carrier for dogs, a polymer of bovine hemoglobin has been manufactured and sold in the United States and the United Kingdom as a therapeutic agent for anemia dogs, but skin / mucous membrane / urine discoloration, black feces, loss of appetite, Many side effects such as fever have been reported.

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