Research groups such as Assistant Professor Ayumu Mukai of Setsunan University Faculty of Science and Technology and Professor Shinsuke Goto of Osaka City University Graduate School of Science have found that night lighting in the city interferes with the winter sleep of insects living in urban areas.Due to the effects of urban warming, the time to hibernate is also delayed.

 According to Setsunan University, the research group used sarcophaga serrata, which live in urban areas and have the habit of reading the length of the night and hibernating, and experimented indoors and outdoors.

 In the room, we created an environment with temperatures of 20 and 15 degrees Celsius, and investigated the proportion of individuals who hibernate by illuminating them with night lights of various illuminances.As a result, it was found that the number of individuals hibernating decreased as the nighttime illuminance was increased, and the number of individuals hibernating in an environment of 20 degrees Celsius was smaller than that of 15 degrees Celsius.

 In the open air, there is little night lighting around and it is about 0.2 lux, which is as bright as the full moon on a sunny day, and there is a lot of night lighting, and it is about 6 lux, which is as bright as a residential area at night. I checked whether it was.Many individuals hibernated in an environment of about 0.2 lux from October to November, but hardly hibernated in an environment of about 10 lux.

 Furthermore, when comparing the environment of about 0 lux in the suburbs where the brightness at night is almost 0.2 lux and the environment of about 0.2 lux in the urban area, the number of individuals who go into winter sleep increased from mid-October in the environment of about 10 lux, while the suburbs Then, it has been increasing since the end of September.The average daily temperature in urban areas is about 9 degrees higher than in the suburbs, and the research group believes that both night brightness and temperature have a significant effect on insect hibernation.

Paper information:[Royal Society Open Science] Urban warming and artificial light alter dormancy in the flesh fly

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