The Evaluation Committee for the Inter-University Collaborative Education Promotion Project says that 77.5% of the total are steadily promoting the inter-university collaborative joint education promotion project in which universities, junior colleges, and colleges of technology jointly promote the construction of an education system. It became clear in the interim evaluation summary of.While 14.3% of the respondents are proceeding beyond the plan, 22.5% have noticeably delayed their efforts.

The inter-university collaborative education promotion project started in 2012 with the aim of improving the quality of education by building an education system that meets the demands of society.25 regional collaborations such as "Development of highly collaborative professionals who support the lives of residents through collaboration with Saitama Prefectural University, Saitama Medical University, Josai University, and Nippon Institute of Technology", Tokyo University, Japan University, Nippon Institute of Technology Life A total of 24 projects are underway, including 49 field collaborations such as "Building a Next-Generation Veterinary University Educational Institution that Will Lead the Global Society" by the University of Science and Azabu University.

According to the summary of the evaluation committee, the highest evaluation S rank as an initiative beyond the plan was 6 case for regional cooperation and 7 cases for field cooperation, for a total of 14.3 cases (17%).As planned, the A rank included 14 cases (31%) of 63.2 cases of regional cooperation and 4 cases of field cooperation.A total of 3 cases (7%), 14.3 cases of regional cooperation and 3 cases of field cooperation, were ranked B below the plan, and the delay of efforts was conspicuous, and the C rank that required business review was the region. There are a total of 1 cases (4%), 8.2 cases of cooperation and XNUMX case of field cooperation.There was no D rank where it was desirable to discontinue the business due to a significant delay in efforts.

Among the S rank evaluations, Nagasaki University, Nagasaki Prefectural University, and Nagasaki International University "Development of specialized human resources development bases for home cancer medical care and palliative care through multidisciplinary collaboration" has 3 universities and 8 faculties in 4 local governments in the prefecture. Organized "Home Medical Care and Welfare Consortium Nagasaki" in collaboration with 12 professional associations and 1 corporation.It was highly praised that the participating universities are conducting joint classes and practical training that are compatible with credits between universities.

"Development of human resources development system through collaboration between technical colleges and industry in the maritime field" by 5 technical colleges of Toyama, Toba Shosen, Hiroshima Shosen, Oshima Shosen, and Yuge Shosen will experience onboard training even for teachers from educational institutions other than maritime. All the schools were asked to share their consciousness, and the texts were compiled and digitized jointly, and the issues discovered during the efforts were immediately addressed.

Source:[Japan Society for the Promotion of Science] Interim evaluation of "Collaboration between Universities and Joint Education Promotion Project" (PDF)

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