BEO Co., Ltd., which develops study abroad support projects, held a study abroad event "beo Study Abroad Fair 2015 Autumn (University / Graduate School Study Abroad Fair)" in October 10 in Tokyo and Osaka, and made a reservation for the visit from the beginning of August 2015. We will start accepting applications for.


 At the fair, booths are set up at each school, and you can consult with overseas university staff and professors who come to Japan while listening directly to them.At that time, you can also get the support of an interpreter.In addition to studying abroad at a university or graduate school, we also offer study abroad consultations for undergraduate study abroad (leave of absence / certified study abroad) for a certain period of time while studying at a Japanese university, and English courses (language study abroad) offered on the university campus. I can do it.In addition, at the venue, a study abroad counseling corner and seminars will be held where you can learn about basic knowledge and preparations for studying abroad, so even those who are just starting to think about studying abroad can easily acquire knowledge about studying abroad. ..

 Reservations are required to enter the fair, and reservations will be accepted from the beginning of August 2015 on the special website of the beo study abroad fair and by telephone (Tokyo 8-03-5367 / Osaka 3315-06-6371).

Source:[BEO Co., Ltd.] Japan's largest study abroad event "University / Graduate School Study Abroad Fair" Approximately 5 universities from 100 overseas countries gather! Decided to be held in Tokyo and Osaka in October 2015

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