Tsuda College Off-Campus Study Center and Pasona Co., Ltd. will jointly implement the first "Work & Life Internship Program" in Japan.At the same time as experiencing working people as an intern, you will also experience the work-life balance of office workers who are raising children by working together.

 In recent years, the number of internships for college students has increased, but there was no opportunity for working adults who are working together to raise children to experience how to maintain a work-life balance and balance work and childcare. ..This time, the project was carried out with the cooperation of Thrill Co., Ltd., which promotes "Work & Life Intern", for the planning of the Tsuda College Off-Campus Learning Center and Pasona.

 Participants are 10 students from Tsuda College. In November, I took an orientation and a two-day work and life course at the university, and in addition to workshops such as "thinking about what I want to be 11 years from now" and "finding my own axis and strengths", the development process of children, how to get involved, etc. I learned about ensuring safety and first aid.

 On November 11th and December 30th, we will move to the office of Pasona Co., Ltd. and experience the "Corporate & Child-rearing Experience" internship.After participating in in-house roundtable discussions and workshops, return to work with the company's employees as a "child-rearing experience internship" in the evening, and experience the actual experience of picking up at a nursery school, making dinner after home, and playing with children. That is.

 The results learned from this program will be announced as a public presentation on December 2016, 12.

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