Nagoya University Future Society Creation Organization and Sharp, a venture from Nagoya University, Pot Still will start a demonstration experiment of car driving support using Sharp's mobile robot "RoBoHoN" from the 30th.In response to the frequent accidents of elderly drivers, Nagoya University will work on the development of new driving support solutions by utilizing the knowledge gained from the demonstration experiment.

 According to Nagoya University, the demonstration experiment will continue until December 12, and about 10 Robophone owners selected by open recruitment will participate.Nagoya University will make an overall plan, Sharp will develop an application to utilize Robophone for driving support, and the data collected by Pot Still will be analyzed.The experimental location will be public roads nationwide.

 Past studies have shown that older drivers are more likely to accept suggestions from robots than friends and spouses, so Nagoya University hopes that driving support will be more effective through Robophone. ing.It is expected that there will be passenger effects that cannot be obtained with the voice navigation function.

 Traffic accidents caused by elderly drivers have occurred frequently in recent years and have become a social problem.As the aging society continues to progress, the development of systems that support safe driving has emerged as an urgent issue.For this reason, Nagoya University is conducting research on driving support linked to smartphones, robots, cloud systems, and so on.

reference:[Nagoya University] Started a demonstration experiment of driving support for drivers using the mobile robot "RoBoHoN"

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