From April 2022, Nagoya Institute of Technology will reorganize the four departments of the Faculty of Engineering (Part 4) and establish a new core engineering curriculum centered on nighttime education.In addition, the "general selection" for entrance examinations will be abolished, and "school-recommended selection" and "comprehensive selection" will be newly introduced.

 In the newly established core engineering curriculum, based on the industrial characteristics of the Chukyo region, two courses, "Electrical and Mechanical Engineering" and "Environmental and Urban Engineering," will be set up for practical exercises.In addition, we will create a product that embodies the development of core technology by conducting school-recommended selection for those who have graduated from specialized departments such as technical high schools, and comprehensive selection for students and working engineers who are economically difficult to attend school. Aim to develop human resources.The standard period of study is 2 years.

 The recruitment staff is [Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Course] School Recommended Type 8 people, Comprehensive Type 2 people, [Environmental and Urban Engineering Course] School Recommended Type 8 people, Comprehensive Type 2 people.The application period for comprehensive selection is from September 2021st to 9th, 21, and the application period for school-recommended selection is from November 24nd to 2021th, 11.Both selections are entrance exams that do not use the Common Test for University Admissions.Since general selection has been abolished, those who wish to do so need to prepare as soon as possible.
* For the latest information, be sure to check the 2022 enrollment selection guidelines on the Nagoya Institute of Technology website.

 The main night course (mainly night education) of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the National University, where you can study while working, has half the entrance fee and tuition fee of the daytime course, and the first year payment is as low as 40 yen.However, due to changes in social conditions, the number of students decreased and many were abolished. In addition to Nagoya Institute of Technology, we are recruiting for the 8900 entrance exam, Muroran Institute of Technology, Faculty of Science and Technology, Night Main Course, Yamagata University Faculty of Engineering, Flex Course, Ibaraki University, Faculty of Engineering, Flex Course, Telecommunications University, Information Science and Engineering Area, Night Main Course, Tokushima University. There are only 2022 universities in the main night course of the Faculty of Science and Technology.Only Nagoya Institute of Technology has a standard period of study of 6 years, and other universities have a standard period of 5 years.

Reference: [Nagoya Institute of Technology] Nagoya Institute of Technology established a new core engineering curriculum (mainly at night) in April 2022, and abolished general selection.

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