Kobe University Hospital, Ain Holdings Inc., and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. have demonstrated the purpose of developing a "medication management calendar" that can objectively check the medication status of patients receiving home medical care and building evidence. Start the test.

 In recent years, home medical care has been promoted with the aging of consumers, and the number of patients is expected to increase further in the future.In outpatient treatment including home medical care, the current situation is that we have to rely on uncertain information such as self-reporting of patients and post-confirmation at the time of visit to accurately grasp the dosage status, which is important for medical treatment. It is believed that unnecessary medications are added or unnecessary residual medications are generated based on incorrect dosage information.

 Therefore, in collaboration with Kobe University Hospital and others, we have developed a "medicine management calendar" that allows you to check the medication status more objectively without changing the form of the "medicine calendar" currently used in home medical care. , Build an environment where you can get accurate information.

 The "Medication Management Calendar" utilizes the "DNP Monitoring System Your Manager", a system that visualizes the patient's lifestyle such as diet, sleep, and medication status, and can be used by healthcare professionals for diagnosis, prescription, and guidance. The "Medication Management Calendar" has four pockets for each day of the week, after morning, lunch, and dinner, and before going to bed, and each pocket stores one dose of medicine for one week.A circuit is printed on the back of the calendar to connect each pocket to the terminal of the electronic module, and when a patient receiving home medical care removes a bag containing medicine from that pocket, the position and date and time of the removed pocket are recorded. ..When you hold your smartphone over this calendar, the recorded information is read and displayed as medication information on the screen of your smartphone.

 During the period from January to March 2017, a verification test will be conducted jointly with 1 patients who are instructing home-visit drug management at Ein Pharmacy Yubari Store (Yubari City, Hokkaido).The Pharmacy Department and Patient Support Center of Kobe University are in charge of formulating and analyzing research plans for system evaluation and evidence building.We will accumulate the verification results of the demonstration experiment and lead to the development of a "medicine management calendar" that is easy to spread and use.

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