In a joint research by Professor Yasuteru Urano of the University of Tokyo and Professor Isao Mimori of Kyushu University, we have developed a method to detect the presence or absence of cancer cells in the foci stump of breast cancer removed by surgery easily and quickly.It is a method of shining cancer cells by spraying a special spray on breast tumors. Even if the tumor is as small as 1 mm or less, it is possible to selectively and strongly illuminate only the tumor within about 5 minutes after spraying to confirm it.

From the press release

From the press release

 Partial excision surgery for breast cancer requires an intraoperative diagnosis to determine if the stump contains cancer cells.If cancer cells are found on the stump on the excised side, cancer cells will remain in the remaining area and are likely to lead to recurrence.However, it takes a lot of time and effort to inspect all the excised parts with a microscope, so it is not possible to do it at some facilities.For this reason, there was a need to develop a method for easy and quick inspection with a small number of people even during surgery.

 In 2011, Professor Yasuteru Urano and his colleagues developed a drug that detects proteolytic enzymes specific to cancer tumors and emits strong fluorescence.By actually spraying this on the excision site of breast cancer several cm in size, we investigated whether cancer cells could be detected.As a result, it was found that it became possible to clearly detect tumors that could not be seen with the naked eye in just about 5 minutes.

 If this method can reduce the number of cancer cells left behind, it can be expected to lead to a dramatic reduction in the frequency of recurrence.Currently, as spray fluorescent reagents become widespread as clinical drugs, we are confirming their effects in more cases and conducting safety tests when using them in the body.Also, if similar effects can be expected for other cancers, great progress in cancer treatment as a whole can be expected.

Source:[Japan Science and Technology Agency] Realization of rapid intraoperative microbreast cancer detection using fluorescent imaging reagents

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