Hokkaido University has decided to collaborate with Furano City and Oracle Japan for the industrial development of Furano City, Hokkaido, the creation of a comfortable city, and the promotion of smart cities.In the future, the three parties will jointly formulate a smart city promotion policy.

 According to Hokkaido University, Furano City has presented to Hokkaido University the development of local industries through increased sales of "Furano Wine" and the elimination of inappropriate separation of waste recycling for the realization of carbon neutrality as a city issue.Hokkaido University will hold a workshop "Support for promoting smart cities in Furano City, Hokkaido" for 8 months from the end of August as a course of the educational program "Ambitious Program for Developing Smart Material Science" for doctoral students.At that time, with the support of Oracle Japan, we will provide training on the utilization of digital technology and data analysis, and at the same time, work on solving the problems presented by Furano City.

 Furano Wine, which produces, harvests, manufactures, and sells in Furano City, has grown into one of the city's core industries, but the decrease in tourists due to the corona wreck requires the development of new sales channels.In addition to analyzing the sales data accumulated so far, we will proceed with inspections of retail stores and restaurants to discover core fan bases and formulate efficient sales policy plans.

 Furano City does not have a waste incineration facility, and the recycling rate of general waste from households has reached about 90%. ing.For this reason, we will analyze the data of about 600 resource recovery stations in the city, conduct interviews with the person in charge of collection, and devise countermeasures.

reference:[Hokkaido University] Hokkaido University, Furano City and Oracle Japan collaborate on smart city promotion (PDF)

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