Makiko Nakamuro's laboratory at Keio University, which conducts research and research on educational economics, has formed an industry-government-academia collaborative team between the Fukusei City Board of Education and Letterpress Printing Co., Ltd. Since June 2015, we have been conducting empirical research on "the effect of" on academic ability ".The model schools for research are five elementary schools in Fussa City.The target is about 6 third-year students, and the target subject is math.Using a tablet terminal (iPad), we will perform home learning (individual learning) on ​​arithmetic division and decimal numbers and verify the effect.

 In the empirical study, children will set their own goals using a tablet terminal at home and work on drill learning of math according to textbooks to investigate the effect on improving academic ability.When scoring automatically, it is not the question that you made a mistake, but the "where you are stumbling" is judged, and the result is reflected in the drill question, and the question is set according to each child's stumbling block.In addition, teachers can grasp the child's proficiency level and learning time while staying in the staff room, such as how much time each child studying at home spent working on and where they were stumbling. increase.By doing so, teachers will be able to give accurate voices and follow-up learning to each child, and I hope that this will lead to the creation of an environment that creates the joy and motivation of children to learn.

 Following the first phase of the empirical research from June, the second phase of verification is scheduled to begin in October at one of the five target schools.Fussa City has a policy to formulate "Fussa City School Achievement Improvement Measures" and "Fussa City School ICT Promotion Plan" based on the results of research on tablet learning.In addition, Keio University aims to demonstrate the effect of improving academic ability by analyzing big data and to secure the educational budget of each local government and school.

Source:[Fussa City Board of Education] Utilization of tablet terminals and effect of improving academic ability in home study (PDF)

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