The National Federation of University Co-ops conducts a "new student survey to ask parents" for parents of new students (survey from April to May every year from 2007). The outline was announced on January 4, 5. In 2017, we received responses from 1 people from 10 university co-ops.The purpose is to summarize the new semester business and use it as basic data for the next year's proposal.

 The cost (average value) from the examination to admission is about 125 million yen for national and public schools and about 137 million yen (literature) to 227 million yen (medical and dental medicine) for private students.For boarding house students, it costs around 200 million yen for national and public universities, and about 210 million yen (literature) to 290 million yen (medical and dental medicine) for private universities.The average amount is the lowest at about 124 million yen for national / public / home / medical / dental medicine, and the highest at about 293 million yen for private / boarding / medical / dental medicine.The medical and dental medicine system is also characterized by a small number of faculties taking examinations (average 2.6 faculties).

 More than 5% of the respondents said they had "student insurance" and more than 3% said they applied for a scholarship, but both have been on the decline in recent years.On the other hand, more than 3% of the respondents said that they "cut down their savings", which has increased since 2011, and they tend not to rely on scholarships.However, "scholarships" have increased year-on-year, and the government should pay attention to trends such as the creation of benefit-type scholarships.

 Regarding the awareness of parents from the examination to admission, about 6% of the concerns about choosing a university are "establishers (national public / private)".Next, "university location" is more than 5%. "Employment record such as employment rate" decreased slightly from 2014.Overall, parents have been worried about the past few years, with a shift from "employment and future" to the child's college life itself.

 About 5% of new students participate in the open campus of the university they entered.At the entrance ceremony, about 7% of the new students who attended have a companion (7% of whom are mothers).It has been on a slight increase in the last few years.

reference:[National Federation of University Co-ops] Summary report of "20,906 Survey of New Students Asked by Parents" collected from 2016 parents of new students

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