From June to October 2015, the "Yume Navi Live 6", a joint academic conference for national, public and private universities, is being held in five major cities: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, and Fukuoka.Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya have already closed, and will be held in Sendai (Yume Messe Miyagi) on October 10, 2015 and Fukuoka (Marine Messe Fukuoka) on October 5, 2015.Admission is free.

 The event is sponsored by Frompage and sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, with the hope that high school students will find a university they really want to study or study. It is a meeting.The interest from high school students and parents who are thinking about going to university is high, and the total number of visitors in 5 reached 650.

 At the venue, various hands-on events are prepared so that high school students can feel closer to the university. In the "30-minute academic mini-lecture," professors from all specialized fields, from literature and humanities to science, will hold more than 100 mini-lectures.After the mini-lecture, there is also a question corner where you can ask the instructor directly what you have doubts about.In addition, "Manabi Station" is a university where you can learn concretely what you will learn and what kind of work you will lead to in the future, such as multicultural sociology and management informatics, which you are interested in but do not understand well. Individual guidance provided by teachers.

 In addition, there will be a lecture for parents who will give a lecture by a person who is familiar with the examination situation, and an entrance examination briefing session where the person in charge of each university will explain the entrance examination points of the school in 2016 in 30 minutes. I am.

 Pre-registration for the upcoming Yume Navi Live in Miyagi and Fukuoka is accepted on the "Yume Navi Live 2015" official website.It is possible to participate on the day, but if you make a reservation, you will be able to enter the venue smoothly on the day.

Source:[Yume Navi Live 2015] Yume Navi Live 2015


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