A group of associate professors Yukihisa Murata of the University of Tokyo discovered a substance that suppresses food allergies in experiments using mice.Food allergies are especially common in children, and in the worst case they can cause shock and even death.Despite the ever-increasing number of patients, no radical cure has yet been discovered.

 From previous studies, it was thought that food allergies might develop and progress due to an increase in immune cells called mast cells that exist in the intestine.It was also found that mast cells produce a large amount of a substance called prostaglandin D2, but it was not known how this affects food allergies.In this study, we used mice to investigate how prostaglandin D2 works.

 First, normal mice were allergic to allergens contained in egg white.This symptom worsens with the number of doses and at the same time increases the number of mast cells in the intestine.At this time, it was found that a large amount of the enzyme required to make prostaglandin D2 was made.On the other hand, when a similar experiment was performed on mice lacking the gene that makes prostaglandin D2, the number of mast cells infiltrating the intestine increased and allergic symptoms worsened dramatically.This revealed that prostaglandin D2 has a role in suppressing the increase of mast cells and suppressing allergic symptoms.

 In future research, we plan to investigate the mechanism by which prostaglandin D2 suppresses the increase in mast cells and infiltration in the intestine.By clarifying this, we can lead to the development of drugs targeting prostaglandin D2.I hope that it will lead to a radical cure for food allergies that have not yet been found.

Source:[University of Tokyo] Discovery of molecules that suppress the symptoms of food allergies

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