Osaka Institute of Technology Department of Electrical and Electronic System Engineering Student Team (Hideki Omori Laboratory) was held in the United States from July 2015th to 7th (local time), 13 * IEEE-sponsored International Student Contest IFEC (International Future Energy Challenge) So, I won the 15rd place.This is the first time that a Japanese university has advanced to the final and won a prize in the contest.

 IFEC is an international contest held once every two years to compete for the development of equipment and technologies related to energy use in the near future. The theme for 2, which is the 1th time, is "High-efficiency wireless charging device for electric vehicles".The university student team decided to participate for the first time because it happened to overlap with the research theme of the Omori laboratory to which the theme of this competition belongs, and from May 7, nine people started the project activity.After that, we made the third trial by December, passed the semi-final held in North Carolina, USA on March 2015, 2014, and advanced the piece to this final. 

 In addition to the same university, nine universities from seven countries around the world, including the United States, Germany, Brazil, China, Taiwan, and South Korea, advanced to the final and presented prototypes and papers on wireless charging devices used in electric vehicles.One of the features of the equipment of the university student team is that it is compact, lightweight and low cost even in the contest by adopting the original technology "single-ended inverter method" that reduces the number of power semiconductors normally required to one. Etc. were evaluated.
* IEEE is an authoritative academic society organization for electrical engineering and electronic engineering technology with its headquarters in the United States.

IFEC 2015 results
1st place National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan)
2nd place Kunming University (China)
3rd place Osaka Institute of Technology (Japan), University of Michigan-Dearborn (USA)

Source:[Osaka Institute of Technology] A team of students from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering, Osaka Institute of Technology ranked third in the world at "IFEC 2015" sponsored by IEEE.

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