On August 2015, 8, at the venue of Tokyo Keizai University (Kokubunji City), the event "Day to connect with space (Sora)" where you can communicate with Astronaut Kimiya Yui of the International Space Station (ISS) Let's talk with Astronaut Yui "will be held.

 The event was sponsored by the "Five City Joint Project Executive Committee" of Kokubunji City, Musashino City, Mitaka City, Koganei City, and Kunitachi City. Is invited.

 The "Five City Joint Project Executive Committee" holds an event for children every year, and 5 marks the 2015th anniversary of Japan's first pencil rocket launch experiment in Kokubunji City in 1955. Since it is a year, the event was planned as "A project where children can feel closer to space and rockets in Kokubunji, the birthplace of Japanese space development."

 On the day of the event, JAXA Professor Emeritus Yasunori Matogawa and National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Professor Seiichi Sakamoto will explain the mechanism of the ISS, the work of astronauts, and Japan's first rocket.The main event will be real-time communication with Astronaut Kimiya Yui, who is staying at the ISS for about five months from July 2015, and a question corner will be set up from children to Mr. Yui.The event is scheduled to be held for 7 hours from 5:18 to 22:2, and the event will be broadcast live on the Internet.

* Astronaut Kimiya Yui
Expedition 44 / Expedition 45 will stay at the International Space Station (ISS) for about 2015 months from July to December 7. At the ISS, Astronaut Yui will operate the systems of each facility, including the Kibo Japanese Experiment Module, as a flight engineer.

Source:[Kokubunji City] Japan Connected to Space (Sora) -Let's talk with Astronaut Yui! -

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