Professor Tadahiro Hasegawa of the Faculty of Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology, in collaboration with Seibu Construction Co., Ltd. and Millite Co., Ltd., has developed a robotized system "HerbF" for an existing golf course lawn mower and conducted a public experiment. I do.

 The feature of "Herb F" is its high versatility that can be retrofitted to the existing lawn mower owned by the golf course and automated.We have a program to control a hydraulically operated lawn mower with a motor and a linear actuator (patent pending).Electronic control of flood control equipment requires major modifications to solenoid valves, but this system is controlled by the operation of a motor.It only needs to be attached to the base vehicle, and it can be introduced at a lower cost than the procurement of a new automatic lawn mower.

 In addition, a teaching playback method is used to memorize and reproduce the movement route and lawn mowing work of the veteran keeper.In the experiment, the lawn mowing work is almost reproduced, and the high skill of the veteran keeper can be used as it is.The shortage of human resources has become an issue for golf courses in Japan, but this system can also improve the efficiency of course maintenance by utilizing the skills of veteran keeper to perform unmanned work at night and concentrating high-skilled human resources on high-difficulty work. So, we will realize the cooperation between humans and robots.

 The unmanned driving experiment has already been completed, and in the public experiment on September 2021, 9, a lawn mowing demonstration and a technical explanation of the system will be given.The timing of commercialization is undecided, but the market test is scheduled for 24 in the future.

Reference: [Shibaura Institute of Technology] Automatic operation of existing golf course lawn mowers with retrofit equipment

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