At Meiji University, which is the oldest private university with a major in archeology, we have begun an initiative in collaboration with the Agency for Cultural Affairs to encourage university students to be interested in the excavation and protection of buried cultural properties.Behind this, the 1970s, when the staff of the Substitution Agency, which hired a large number of specialized staff for archaeological excavation, entered the retirement period, and the number of job offers for local government specialists, which was a narrow gate for archaeological students, has increased. There is also the current situation.

 On July 2015, 7, as part of this initiative, a briefing session on the protection of buried cultural properties for university and graduate students at the Surugadai Campus of the same university, "Machizukuri with Archaeological Sites-Responsible for Tomorrow's Cultural Property Protection Administration" Was held.The briefing session is co-sponsored by the Faculty of Letters of the University and the Agency for Cultural Affairs with the aim of disseminating the attractiveness of the work of the Cultural Property Conservation Administration to students and discovering and training human resources who will be involved in the Cultural Property Conservation Administration in the future. It was held with the cooperation of 4 Kanto Universities, which have specialized archeology courses.This is the first attempt by the university and the government to collaborate.Approximately 200 people, including students from other universities and graduate students as well as students from the same university, gathered at the venue, and local government officials involved in the protection of cultural properties in Gunma Prefecture and Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, work to protect the ruins. I conveyed the fun.

 According to the Agency for Cultural Affairs, in recent years, some local governments have hired professional staff involved in the discovery and protection of cultural properties, such as Gunma Prefecture recruiting "cultural property protection officers" who entered the agency in April 2015 for the first time in three years. It seems that it is increasing.The people concerned are hoping that some of the students will be able to develop human resources who can demonstrate their abilities in researching local cultural properties.

Source:[Meiji University] Held the XNUMXst Explanatory Meeting on the Protection of Buried Cultural Properties "Machizukuri to Protect the Ruins-Responsible for Tomorrow's Buried Cultural Property Conservation Administration"


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