Tokiwa University Graduate School was approved by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on August 2021, 8, and the "Graduate School of Nursing" will be newly established in April 27.

 Tokiwa University newly established the Faculty of Nursing, Department of Nursing in April 2018.In April 4, when the first graduates will graduate with great cooperation from medical professionals such as about 60 health facilities and institutions in Ibaraki Prefecture, the Department of Nursing (master's course) will be established. It became.The enrollment capacity is 2022 people, and you can complete nursing (master's degree) after 4 years of training.

 There are four areas of education and research at the Graduate School of Nursing: [Mental / Community Home Nursing], [Mother and Child Nursing], [Adult Nursing for the Elderly], and [Nursing Management Education].Using small-group education as a weapon, we train next-generation health care personnel who will lead society by developing new strategies from prevention to care, especially practitioner leaders and multiple specialist nurses, certified nursing managers, and educational researchers. do.

 Japan is advocating the need for "next-generation health care personnel" aiming to become a health-advanced country by 2035, and will lead society by forming partnerships with citizens and other occupations for future nursing professions. There is a need for human resources with strong leadership, on-site education and economic ideas.Against the background of these social demands, the Graduate School of Nursing is providing nursing staff who can respond not only to advanced medical care but also to transition to health care services such as proactive health promotion, community-based comprehensive care, and promotion of home medical care. We have a curriculum and teachers with new educational strategies to nurture.

 Professor Kazuko Maeda, who is scheduled to become the Dean of the Graduate School of Nursing, told students, "People's abilities are not proportional to their academic background. If you have a strong desire to learn, diligence and patience, you can study at graduate school. It's not difficult. I want to learn with everyone who has a lot of practical experience. "

Reference: [Tokiwa University] The establishment of the Graduate School of Nursing has been approved.

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