A group of Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University and Professor Tatsuya Kawahara of Kyoto University carried out a research project to develop an android "ERICA" that interacts naturally with humans.From previous research, it has become clear that humans sometimes seek conversations with robots.In this research, "ERICA" tried to realize a natural dialogue with human beings by integrating various advanced technologies.

From the press release

From the press release

In a dialogue with a robot, if only voice is used, a human may give up the dialogue if an irrelevant response is returned to the question.However, by showing the intention to continue the dialogue with eyes and gestures, human beings are also motivated to continue the dialogue.In this way, natural conversations with robots are possible by incorporating communication other than language.On the other hand, it is also known that humans feel eerie just because their behavior resembles humans halfway.

"ERICA" incorporates the latest technology by various experts to enable more natural dialogue with humans.The face was synthesized by a computer with reference to the characteristics of a beautiful face.In addition, it is packed with technologies for recognizing this voice, synthesizing the voice to be uttered, and creating body movements.In the limited situation of talking with a visitor and introducing himself, he / she responds appropriately while recognizing the other person's movements and voices, looks at the other person, gives an aizuchi according to the story, and adjusts to his / her own utterance. I was able to realize natural dialogue such as moving my head and facial expressions.

Going forward, we will continue to aim to realize an android that has the ability to interact autonomously through collaboration with Osaka University and Kyoto University.The completion of a robot that is completely independent and naturally talks to humans seems to be a little further, but in the anime "Doraemon", Doraemon was made in 2112.A robot that can enjoy conversations with us naturally without having to wait that long may be completed unexpectedly quickly.

Source:[Japan Science and Technology Agency] Developed android "ERICA" as a research base-Toward the realization of autonomous interactive androids capable of natural dialogue-

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