According to a survey by human resources service company IDEM (Tokyo), 2016% of college and graduate students who are planning to graduate in the spring of 42.5 consider internships (work experience) as part of their selection process.The job hunting period for college students was "deferred" for four months, and it was supposed to start selection such as interviews from August 4, but it can be said that the result shows the consciousness of companies trying to enclose students at an early stage. that's right.

In June, the survey received responses from 6 new graduate recruiters via the Internet.According to the report, 1,000% of companies chose internships as part of their selection, an increase of 42.5 points from the June 2014 survey.6% of the companies that participated in the internship proceeded to the recruitment selection, and 9.8% of the companies offered a job offer to the participating students.

Entry and application acceptance have been completed by 3% before March 1st, the day when the ban on recruitment and public relations is lifted. You can see that there were many companies that issued. It has become clear that hiring activities will be prolonged because interviews, selections, and job offers will peak after August for companies that are hiring in a “backward” manner.

9% of large companies with 1,000 or more employees want to complete their recruitment activities by the end of September, and 58.8% of small and medium-sized companies with less than that.In the case of small and medium-sized enterprises, it is expected that those who have passed the employment examination of major companies will decline in the future even if they make an offer early, and it is possible that recruitment activities will continue within the year or throughout the year.

Source:[IDEM Incorporated and Job Research Institute] 2016 Survey on Job Hunting (Recruitment) Activities-Interim Report

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