At the "SDGs Week" held at AEON MALL Tamadaira no Mori (Hino City, Tokyo), students of the Suga Seminar in the Department of Contemporary Life, Jissen Women's University, "Hino SDGs Exhibition-It's close to everyone! Everyone's SDGs-" We are exhibiting at.

 "SDGs Week" is held by Hino City and Aeon Mall Tamadaira no Mori, and in addition to Jissen Women's University, Hinodai High School and Minamitama Secondary School are participating. With the theme of "knowing, learning, and starting," by touching on the efforts of SDGs and companies / organizations in the region, what each person can do, regardless of children or adults, and how to get to know the region and the world around us. Think about what you can do better and provide an opportunity to start something from "Hino".

 Suga Seminar will be exhibiting at "Hino SDGs Exhibition-It's close to you! Everyone's SDGs-" to rediscover social issues and regions through opportunities to learn and learn about familiar SDGs.Known as the oldest beer in the Tama area, the Tengu label introduces the trademark Hino craft beer "TOYODA BEER".The exhibition of the "Tengu Label" of "TOYODA BEER", which is rich in individuality and fun, produced by students in the project class of the Department of Contemporary Life is also a highlight.

 In addition, the design of the exhibition space at the venue was created in cooperation with Hino City by requesting advice and support from Jissen Women's University graduate student Kaho Ogawa (Department of Living Environment Studies, Graduate School of Life Sciences).The exhibition period is until Saturday, October 10nd.

Reference: [Jissen Women's University] Department of Contemporary Life Suga Seminar exhibited at "SDGs Week" in Hino City x AEON MALL Tamadaira no Mori (9 / 17-10 / 2)

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