According to a questionnaire survey by DISCO (Tokyo), a human resources introduction and recruitment consulting company, the employment rate of students who are planning to graduate from university in the spring of 2016 has reached 8% as of August 1.It was also revealed that almost half of the unofficial candidates secured two or more companies, and at this point they had completed their job hunting activities.Job hunting for college students was "backward" for four months, and it was supposed to start selection such as interviews from August 67.3, but it became clear again that there is no end to companies that do not follow "backward". That's right.

The survey was conducted on the Internet from August 2015st to 8th, 1, targeting 5th year university students (including 4nd year master's students in science) who are looking for a job, and 2 people responded.According to the report, 1,484% answered that they had a job offer. This is an increase of 67.3 points from 7% as of July 1.Of the unofficial candidates, 50.6% had finished job hunting at this point.The average number of unofficial offers is 16.7, and 45.0% of the unofficial candidates answered that they received duplicate offers from two or more companies.
The top companies in both humanities and science are IT-related, such as information processing, software, and game software. Around August 8, 1% were called by informal companies under the name of social gatherings.The average number of companies that participated in briefing sessions and engaged in job hunting was 46.6, a slight increase from 59.9 in July, and it can be seen that many companies are hiring while ignoring "backward". I let you.

Source:[Disco Corporation] The offer rate on August 8st was 1%.The majority of unofficial candidates have won two or more companies-FY67.3 Nikkei Job Hunting Navi Job Hunting Activity Monitor Survey Results (issued in August 2)

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