Toyama (Toyama City), a university consortium created by universities, junior colleges, and colleges of technology in Toyama Prefecture, has selected 10 fieldwork (field surveys) by student groups as research grant targets for FY2015.The themes selected were Toyama University's "Holding an attractive citizen's marathon and utilizing local resources" and Toyama Prefectural University's "Attempt to grasp issues and disseminate information aimed at increasing tourists and population in Oyabe City". Things related to regional revitalization stood out.The maximum amount of the grant is 1 yen, and the research results will be announced in February 20.

The research grant project started in 2015 with the aim of improving students' problem-solving abilities and revitalizing the region by supporting fieldwork by students.There were a total of 35 applications from universities, junior colleges, and technical colleges in the prefecture. I chose.

Of the 10 cases, the University of Toyama group will conduct a questionnaire survey to the relevant local governments on the theme of the Toyama Marathon, which is scheduled to be held for the first time in November, and consider measures that will lead to an increase in the exchange population.Toyama Prefectural University is in Oyabe City, where Mitsui Outlet Park Hokuriku Oyabe opened, and we are thinking of ways to stop the population decline by leading to an increase in tourists.In addition, subsidies include measures to utilize small hydroelectric power generation, tourism trend surveys in the Gokayama area, and regional settlement after graduating from university.

Source:[University Consortium Toyama] Notice of research decision for the 27 "Students' Regional Fieldwork Research Grant"

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