Japanese sake cocktails devised by students of the Department of Life Design, Faculty of Home Economics, Otsuma Women's University (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) will be sold at "KIKIZAKE BAR" in the Japanese sake section on the 1st basement floor of Matsuya Ginza (Chuo-ku, Tokyo).The period is from Wednesday, July 7st to Tuesday, July 1th, from 7pm to 28pm (5pm to 8pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).At this event, the members of our university's "Sake Culture Dissemination Project" received the full cooperation of the NPO corporation FBO (Federation of Food and Drink Experts) and SII (Federation of Sake Service Study Group / Sake Master Study Group). We will sell the invented sake cocktail.

Our university's "Sake Culture Dissemination Project" was launched in April 2014 with the aim of popularizing sake.Professor Yasuhiko Miyata (Faculty of Home Economics), who is aware of the decline of sake, which is a traditional Japanese food culture, launched it as part of the "Japanese Life" Promotion Project.

In this project, we are proposing measures to promote sake for young women from the perspective of a student. In September 2014, the sake event "Local Sake Festival Autumn Team 9" (sponsored by FBO), and in February 2014, "FBO" where people engaged in the food and beverage service industry gather to share knowledge and know-how. Participated in the "Academy Symposium 2015 National Convention".It has attracted the attention of the industry by announcing new ways to enjoy sake and compatibility with wooden sake sets.

 At the Ginza Matsuya event, a glass of sake cocktail will be sold from 1 yen.There are 540 types of cocktails in all, with the concept of "sake that young women want to drink", "sweets cocktails" that are conscious of beauty and health, and "local products" that use special products with the theme of promotion in various parts of Japan. We have prepared two genres called "cocktails".
In addition, student members of this project will explain the products on Saturdays, Sundays and the last day (time: 4:6 pm to XNUMX:XNUMX pm) during the event.

Source:[Otsuma Women's University] Students announce measures to promote sake

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