On Monday, August 2015, 8, the Graduate School of Advanced Mathematical Sciences, Meiji University will hold a "Advanced Mathematical Science Tour for High School Students".It will be co-sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Mathematical Sciences (MIMS), the Department of Phenomenon and Mathematics, Faculty of Comprehensive Mathematical Sciences, and the Tokyo Metropolitan High School Mathematics Education Study Group (Tokyo Institute of Mathematics).The venue is the Nakano Campus (3th floor hall), which just opened in the spring of 2015, and the time is from 5:10 to 00:16.

Participants are high school students, and the event is organized into programs that answer questions and interests such as "How will the mathematics you are studying in high school be useful in the future?"The theme of the presentation is a lecture that formulates the movement of a snail and thinks about the mechanism of its movement, and a lecture that mathematically unravels the secret of the illusion that looks completely different when reflected in a mirror. University faculty members will explain interesting initiatives and experiments that apply mathematics.There is also a corner where active graduate students and international students can participate and talk. Students themselves will make presentations on themes such as "Geometry of origami and its applications" and "Why did you choose to study in Japan?"In addition to this, we plan to hold simple training and exhibitions of works.

To apply, please specify the participant's address, name, age (grade), school name, and phone number by Friday, July 7, and fax it to Aoyama High School (addressed to Yukiko Izumi) (17-03). -3404) will be accepted (advance application required).
The Nakano Campus is the fourth campus of Meiji University after Surugadai, Izumi, and Ikuta. And there are research institutes.

Source:[Meiji University] August 8 (Monday) "Advanced Mathematical Science Tour for High School Students" will be held

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