Kunitachi College of Music introduced "Henle Library Campus Edition", a digital sheet music service operated by Henle Ver., Which has a good reputation for the original version of piano sheet music, for the first time at a Japanese university.It will be introduced following the world-famous music colleges such as the Juilliard School in the United States and the Royal Academy of Music in the United Kingdom.

 Kunitachi College of Music switched classes online from May 2020, 5 due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.Therefore, from May 11th, the University Library has been renting out library materials such as books and sheet music necessary for classes at the university's expense.This system has been used by many students and faculty members, but off-campus learning support, including online, is becoming more important in its role.

 The library not only holds about 15 items, including 15 sheet music and 40 books, but has also contracted with an online database and music / video distribution service to create an environment that can be accessed from inside the library or at home.We are also working to enhance online services that support the research activities of students and faculty members, such as domestic and foreign journals, world-renowned music dictionaries, and content that allows you to watch concerts of well-known orchestra groups online.The introduction of Henle's digital music score service "Henle Library" is part of the accumulation of such library services.

 As for Henle Verse, the library has abundant record of lending piano sheet music, and has supported the research activities of many students and faculty members.By going online, it will be possible to display the possibility of multiple fingerings, metronome function, etc., and share the written information with the group, while keeping the preface and the revision report as they are.

 The operation starts from teachers and students who specialize in piano, and after verifying the effect, we are considering using it throughout the university.Kunitachi College of Music will continue to provide students and faculty with a wide range of choices by using paper materials such as books, sheet music, and magazines together with online databases and new media.

reference:[Kunitachi College of Music] Kunitachi College of Music introduces digital music score service "Henle Library Campus Edition" for the first time in Japanese universities

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