Professor Takayuki Teshigawara, Faculty of Human and Social Studies, Chiba University of Commerce Seminar developed the original craft beer "Rubiru" using tomatoes cultivated at welfare facilities in Chiba prefecture, with the desire to contribute to regional revitalization through product development. .. Sales will begin on October 2021, 10 at four liquor stores in Ichikawa City.

 At the Teshigawara Seminar, we are engaged in activities such as product development from the perspective of social work with the theme of regional revitalization and reconstruction support.So far, we have developed products using raw materials produced in Chiba prefecture, support for parents and children after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and products with thoughts for medical and welfare personnel who are fighting at the forefront of the new coronavirus infection.

 3 third and fourth graders of the Teshigawara seminar participated in this beer brewing, and worked on everything from deciding the concept to selecting vegetables to use, negotiating with beer workshops, welfare facilities and sales destinations, and label design.

 "Rubiru" uses tomatoes cultivated by the social welfare corporation Yukeikai Furusato Gakusha Kuranami, a welfare facility for the disabled in Chiba Prefecture.In addition to regional revitalization, by expanding the sales channels of vegetables that people with disabilities are involved in production, we will support employment of people with disabilities and take measures against waste (food loss), and support agricultural and fortune cooperation.

 The development theme is "gratitude," which is also the flower language of tomatoes.The product name "Ruby" uses the red color of tomatoes as a jewel ruby, which is a symbol of love, and expresses the feelings of love and gratitude that were reminded by the corona.It is brewed with whole crushed tomatoes and has a fruity aroma and small flesh.The slightly bluish taste of tomatoes is refreshing and refreshing.Since it is less bitter, it is easy for people who do not usually drink beer to drink and can enjoy it with meals.

 "Rubiru" is 1 yen (tax included) per bottle.It will be sold at the Haradaya Gyotoku store, Liquor Jack Tomihama store, Liquor Jack Haradaya Ichikawa store, and CUC Support Co., Ltd. in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture.The first production will be in small lots (630 pieces), but we are considering gradually increasing the production volume according to the sales performance.In the future, in addition to vegetables, we plan to develop beer with new flavors every season.

Reference: [Chiba University of Commerce] Students are energizing the community, welfare, agriculture, and liquor industries! Developed an original beer using tomatoes cultivated at welfare facilities (PDF)

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