"UK-Japan Young Scientist Workshop" (sponsored by Clifton Science Trust, co-sponsored by Cambridge University, Rikkyo) from July 7th (Sun) to 19th (Sat) at Cambridge University, UK. British Academy) will be held.Under the guidance of cutting-edge scientists studying at Cambridge University, high school students from Japan and the UK will collaborate to hold international exchanges through science through experiments, surveys, and discussions. Participants will be the theme on the final day. We will give a presentation in English for each.

 This year is the 11th year of the UK-Japan Science Workshop and the 6th year of the workshop at Cambridge University.With the support of British companies, high school students from the affected areas of Tohoku will be invited from Japan.Invited are 5 students and 22 teachers from 5 schools: Fukushima Prefectural Fukushima High School, Soma High School, Iwaki High School, Furukawa Reimei High School in Miyagi Prefecture, and Sendai Daini High School.Before the workshop at Cambridge University, I will stay at Rikkyo School in England (Sussex, England) and participate in the London training with the students of the school.In this London training, we visited the Linnean Society, which laid the foundation for modern biotaxonomy and where discussions were held on evolution, and the Royal Institute, which is the beginning of dialogue between science and citizens, and visited modern times such as Darwin and Faraday. Follow in the footsteps of the great science.In addition, on July 7th, we are planning to participate in the Fukushima Reconstruction Symposium held at UCL (University College), a partner of Rikkyo School in England.

Source:[Rikkyo School in England] 2015 Cambridge University Science Workshop Special Feature

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