Daito Bunka University and * DNP Media Create Co., Ltd. have signed an industry-academia joint research agreement on the development of disaster prevention educational materials, and have a two-year plan from April 2015 to March 4, 2017. We have started a development project of "disaster map training tool" that allows you to learn about disaster prevention while having fun.

 Disaster map training is a desk disaster drill that assumes a situation in which a major disaster will occur in the area and writes risk predictions and countermeasures on a map.There are various types of training methods such as role-playing type, workshop type (DIG, etc.), and disaster prevention games (crossroad, etc.), which are incorporated into disaster prevention education for schools and local communities, and disaster prevention training for disaster prevention related organizations such as local governments. increase.

In this development project, Yusuke Iizuka, Department of Environmental Creation, and DNP Media Create 2nd Planning Headquarters, which are engaged in analysis of spatiotemporal distribution of urban activities, disaster risk assessment, research on disaster prevention education, etc. based on architecture. We will work together with industry and academia.
As for the schedule until development, research on design expression, educational method, usability (ease of use) of training tools on disaster maps was conducted, prototypes (prototypes) were developed in 2015, tools were completed in 2016, and university students. We are planning to conduct a demonstration experiment targeting local residents.

 Both Daito Bunka University and DNP Media Create aim to link the results of this research to the commercialization of new disaster prevention educational materials that bring out the active learning attitude of learners.

* DNP Media Create Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive planning and production company of the Dai Nippon Printing Group.

Source:[Daito Bunka University] Daito Bunka University and DNP Media Create start joint research on the development of disaster prevention educational materials

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