Amid the turmoil in Afghanistan due to the inauguration of the Taliban administration and the terrorist attacks in Islamic countries, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and Chiba University held an online symposium with the aim of helping former foreign students from Afghanistan to Japan.

 According to Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, the symposium is co-sponsored by the Graduate School of Global Studies, Chiba University, and the leading research and development program "Immigration and Refugee Research for Building a Multicultural Society in Japan."

 Professor Masato Toritani of the Center for World Language and Social Education, University of Tokyo, gave a lecture entitled "Current Situation and Social Background of Afghanistan", and then Professor Mari Katayanagi of the Graduate School of Human and Social Sciences, Hiroshima University, who was involved in the education of international students from Afghanistan. , Professor Kenji Isezaki of the Graduate School of International Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies presented his experiences and discussed them as a whole.

 In Afghanistan, there are nearly 1,400 government-sponsored international students and former international students who have studied in Japan through the reconstruction project of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).Some of them work in connection with local Japanese organizations, and there are voices hoping to evacuate from their confused home countries to Japan.

 Among the educational institutions that once welcomed them as international students, there are strong concerns about the current situation of the students and there are voices asking if they can help.

reference:[Tokyo University of Foreign Studies] "Afghanistan Former International Student'Save Students!'Project Symposium" Held "How We Have Taught Afghan International Students"

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