From 2015:7 on July 20, 15, a dialogue event "Japan-Korea Young Cultural People Dialogue 2015 @ Waseda University-Ryo Asai x Chung Seran" will be held at Waseda University Toyama Campus. Will be done.In addition to university students and graduate students, general visitors are also welcome, and admission is free.

 The "Japan-Korea Young Cultural Dialogue" was planned by the Japan Foundation to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and South Korea. It is held for the purpose of deepening mutual understanding of each other's culture through dialogue from various perspectives.
 The event is scheduled to be held four times, and this time, the first time, it will be co-sponsored by the Japan Foundation and Waseda University Faculty of Letters. Won the Naoki Prize for "Nanimono" in 4 * Ryo Asai and a young Korean female novelist published a Japanese translation of "Under, Thunder, Tender" (published by Kuon) in July 1 * Chung Serang Will talk.They will talk about the environment surrounding Japanese and Korean literature, future plans, and dreams.After the dialogue, there will be an autograph session for both of them. (For Mr. Asai's autograph session, priority is given to those who purchased the book at Waseda University Co-op Toyama store and brought a "signing session voucher", and for Mr. Chung Serang's autograph session, bring the book regardless of where it was purchased)

* Ryo Asai
Born in Gifu prefecture in 1989.Graduated from Waseda University School of Culture, Media and Society. In 2009, he won the 22nd Novel Subaru Rookie Award for "Kirishima, Stop Club Activities" and the 2013th Naoki Prize for the first time in Heisei in 148 for "Who".The latest work is "Budokan" (Bungei Shunshu).

* Chung Serang
Born in Seoul in 1984.Has experience working as an editor at a publishing company.Known for writing works that transcend genre boundaries, from pure literature to romance, science fiction, and horror.

Source:[Waseda University] Japan-Korea Young Cultural Dialogue 2015 @ Waseda University Ryo Asai x Chung Serang

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