Through joint research between Gunma University and Japan Pallet Rental Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as JPR), a joint transportation matching technology that instantly lists highly efficient combinations has been developed.

 While the “logistics crisis” is becoming apparent, the loading efficiency of trucks remains at a low level of less than 40% (the average amount of luggage loaded on the truck bed is less than 4%).In order to carry more luggage with fewer trucks, multiple companies such as "triangular transportation", which sequentially processes three shipments in one truck, and "consolidated transportation", in which luggage is mixed and carried at the same time, are used. Although joint transportation is considered to be effective, searching for efficient triangular transportation and consolidated transportation from a huge number of transportation routes takes time even with a computer in a simple round robin, and it takes time to request matching instantly. It was difficult to build a system that could respond to.

 On the other hand, the technology developed in this research is known in the field of mathematics as "the axiom of distance" (the distance to the destination via another point is greater than the distance to the destination directly, etc.). By utilizing the inequalities hidden behind, the search range of highly efficient transportation routes that can benefit from cooperation is greatly narrowed down.Furthermore, by repeatedly devising the data structure and the scanning order of the search, high-speed enumeration of candidates was made possible.In a demonstration experiment using about 17,000 transport data, the conditions were averaged 4,000 times faster for triangular transport searches and 1,500 times faster for consolidated transport searches, compared to simple brute force attacks. I was able to enumerate the combinations that satisfy.

 This technology was installed as a core engine in the joint transportation matching system "TranOpt" provided by JPR, and became available to general users from October 2021, 10.It is expected that the widespread use of this technology will advance the solution of problems in the logistics industry.

reference:[Gunma University] Developed joint transportation matching technology to list combinations of transportation routes with high cooperation effect at high speed (PDF)

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