About unhappiness Japanese people think that it is the result of their daily activities, and Americans think that unhappiness is also a source of life.Associate Professor Aya Murayama of Kinki University Faculty of International Studies, Professor Asako Miura of Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University, and Associate Professor Kaichiro Furuya of Faculty of Business Administration, Hokkai Gakuen University conducted a comparative study of the way of thinking about misfortune between Japan and the United States. rice field.

 According to Kinki University, the research group commissioned a research company to conduct a survey of 88 Japanese and 81 Americans.He asked how he felt about the man who suddenly fell under the roadside tree, giving him information about a high school teacher who was charged at home for theft and a high school teacher who was popular with people around him.

 An analysis of the response results showed that people with low moral value who committed theft in the past tended to seek a causal relationship with past moral failures, such as poor daily conduct in both Japan and the United States.Moreover, the tendency was stronger for Japanese than for Americans.

 While Americans tended to think that misery would be a source of future food, a cultural peculiarity was found in which the Japanese thought they were rewarded despite a purely accidental accident. ..This peculiarity is consistent with the irrational reasoning that an unrelated third party considers to be self-sufficient for patients with a new coronavirus infection.

Paper information:[Asian Journal of Social Psychology] Cross-cultural comparison of engagement in ultimate and immanent justice reasoning

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